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Scope, scale and polish for every budget

Ocuix can offer the same professional service for the simplest projects and the lower end of the budgetary scale too. Need something ‘fast and dirty’ for social media or smarten up a bunch of slides for an internal meeting? Then, Ocuix can deliver. See below for a budget guide and call or email with your brief for an estimate.

Events: Homogenised base package


Formatted deck based on 120 supplied slides (using your corporate slide template)

Tailored (up to)1 min opening title sequence video (motion GFX with supplied stills or video footage if available)

Social media: Multi-platform profile package


Your logo/brand identity applied to images for use on the four major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn).

Profile image, cover/background/header image, static image as post for each platform

Social media: Multi-platform video package


Your message applied to a ‘kinetic typography’ motion graphics style video for use on the four major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn). Under 30s to ensure complete in feed viewing.

Social media: Multi-platform post package


A set of 4 posts, using your messages and logo/brand identity for static posts on the four major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn).

Four messages x four platforms = 16 static posts

Events: Bolt-ons


Build a package solution...

Running order


Graphic theme for your conference title


Slide template


Additional slide formatting (per 12 slides) 


Emailed invitations (using MailChimp)


Online registration


Online feedback


On-site venue and delegate logistics support

(plus expenses)

Stage management

(plus expenses)

Production Management

450 p/d
(plus expenses)

On-site producer

500 p/d
(plus expenses)

Laptop (pre-loaded with media), cue-light and operator

(plus expenses)

Video sting (a short version of your opener) 


Tailored or bespoke elements

Music playlists for walk-ups, breaks

Live action video production

Filming of conference

Live streaming

Edit of conference (highlights, promo or complete sessions)

PA system and operator

High end video playback and projection systems

Lighting packages (basic and creative)

Set and staging

Stage furniture (lectern, panel seating etc)

Technical crewing

Delegate badging

Printed elements

Entertainment and guest speakers

Venue finding


Storyboarding and bespoke slide production

Bespoke video content

Voice-over artists (Voice of God and announcers)

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